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The certification process for your documents is much easier than you think. It begins with the in-depth evaluation of the Academic Degrees obtained in other countries and their attached regulatory documents (subjects, credits and academic hours, grades, etc.) and ends with a certified equivalence report.

Each country has a different system for the preparation of degrees and accreditation of its professionals in each of the areas, be they: scientific, humanistic, economic and social, health or technical, among others.

You may think that now that you have migrated you have lost your investment of time, effort and money to train as a professional. It’s not like that. We evaluate your documents and credentials, those you obtained in your country of origin or anywhere in the world, and we help you to legally choose and exercise your profession or a related career in the United States.

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You can also request a document evaluation to continue your Academic Studies. The same service is available for Courses and Diplomas.